They Soldiered on for Sticky

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A team of paratroopers in Afghanistan raised money to bring home the cat they rescued and saved.

Twelve paratroopers rescued Sticky and his brother from local children who were using the pair of cats as footballs. Unfortunately, the brother died, but the tough paratroopers were determined to nurse sweet Sticky back to health. They shared their rations with him and had been getting cat food and biscuits sent over for their now-beloved pet. Sticky became a permanent fixture at their at their base in the Nad-e Ali district.

Sick at the thought of leaving Sticky behind when they returned home soon, the soldiers started a campaign to raise £5,000 to make sure he came home with them. Back in England, Sticky would live with one of the soldiers or on the base.

Sgt Richard Waite said, “Essentially, we all agree, Sticky deserves better than being abandoned by us and we would love to get him home. We think he is worth it and certainly deserves it. Our tour finishes soon and we need to act now. Our target is raising £5,000 in order to get Sticky moving through the long and expensive process back to the UK.”

According to the site where the troop was raising the funds, they exceeded their goal and Sticky has just started the long journey home. There is also a link on the site for those who would like to keep up with Sticky updates and help with rescue efforts for other animals living in the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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