They didn’t get along at first

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Reddit user Guitar_hands shared this sweet pic of his kitten snuggled up to the family’s cat and told how he worried they wouldn’t get along but are now best friends, writing:

They didn’t get along at first. We were worried our cat wouldn’t ever like the new kitten. We found her alone covered in dirt and fleas and barely able to walk. The last month has basically been one giant cuddle fest between them. They’re now best friends.

I think she knows we saved her. She just wants to give us all of the cuddles. She likes to sleep on the pillows above our heads when we sleep. Although she normally repositions herself on my girlfriends face/chest in the middle of the night. I’m pretty sure she thinks my girlfriend is her mom. They are obsessed with each other. Our older cat is definitely a daddy’s girl though.. Ha.

She is an incredibly happy kitty. They both are. They are inseparable now. Anything the older car does, the young one tries her hardest to immediately imitate. It’s ridiculously cute. And I built them a nice box fort because the cat trees that we bought aren’t good enough I guess..

The older kitty definitely took like two weeks before the kitten wore her down and now they’re inseparable.

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