Gentle Cemetery Cats Comfort Mourners

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The cats of Yanaka Cemetery in Tokyo are known for comforting mourners and sharing affection with all visitors to the graveyard occupied by a beloved community of cats.

The cemetery is home to “dozens of friendly community cats,” according to a charming report in Purrtacular, whose correspondent spoke with Hannah Shaw of Kitten Lady. She called it “a beautiful example of cats and humans living in harmony.”


These community cats are protected by the locals and fed by dedicated volunteers.


Local rescue groups have set up trap-neuter-return) program to keep the feral population under control, according to Purrtacular. The cemetery is located in an old part of the city called Yanaka. It’s a peaceful spot that resembles Tokyo’s past.


The cats like to  lounge on graves, soaking up the sun. Many enjoy daily walks around the grounds. They are described as “bold and very curious. So much so, that one of the kitties may probably hop around you, demanding attention. They’re more than happy to give you a private tour of the grounds, in exchange for a few back scratches.”





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