The Truth Behind Why Your Cat Meows At You

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Image source: Tim Genda via
Image source: Tim Genda via

If you have a cat, then chances are you’re familiar with your cat meowing at you when it’s time to be fed, or when you oversleep, or when you’re about to give him a special treat. But why do cats really meow, and what are they trying to say?

Meowing is a cat’s way of vocalizing to you, and it’s a communication method. Cats don’t usually meow to each other – they reserve meowing for communicating with humans. Meowing is thought to mimic human speech, which is why it gets our attention so quickly.

Why do cats need this special language for human communication? It’s because we so often overlook their body language. Cats communicate to each other through body language and position. Every flick of the tail and twitch of an ear signifies something to another cat. We rarely notice those signals, so cats have to be a bit more abrupt in how they communicate with us.

Cats usually meow because they want something, and that can be food, a toy, or even to go outside. Cats can change the pitch of their meows, and you may notice that a cat’s meowing becomes louder and deeper as he gets aggravated or more insistent.

With a little practice, you can learn to hear the differences in your cat’s meows. If your cat meows at you a lot, feel flattered – it’s a speech intended just for you.

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