The Touching Story of 10 Kitties Rescued from an Abandoned House

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Tonight we share a touching and poignant guest post on the second anniversary of a very special cat rescue that left a permanent imprint on the author’s heart.

10 Kitties Rescued from an Abandoned House

By: Mylene Lopez Mafuz

Two years ago today, my friend Peggy and I embarked on a rescue that became a massive labor of love
and one of the hardest rescues for me, personally.

On 7/11/12, Peggy received a phone call about 2 dead kittens on the side of the road and many more
inside an abandoned house on Rt 64 in Dansville, NY.

Peggy immediately called me and asked if I wanted to check it out. We thought they would be feral cats
so the plan was to drop off food/water and figure out a TNR plan for them.

It took about an hour for us to get there. We had a hard time finding the abandoned home as it was
completely covered with trees and bushes.



As we walked towards the house, we noticed a very, very skinny momma kitty and two babies to our
right. As soon as they noticed us, they came over to say hello. Soon after, more kittens came to say
hello. There were a total of 10 kitties: 2 momma cats and 8 kittens.



Our view upon getting near the abandoned house.

We knew we couldn’t leave them there. We started picking them up, one by one, and putting them in
Peggy’s car.


On the car ride “home.”

We managed to get all but two kittens, a black kitten and a dilute calico kitten.

With sadness, we had to leave them for the night (with plenty of food and water) until we picked up
traps the following day to catch them.

The following day, we managed to get the remaining two kittens, without using a trap. They were so
hungry that putting moist food by us made it easy for us to pick them up. They were reunited with their
family and so began the long journey to recovery.

They were malnourished, covered in fleas and ear mites and had worms.

The two momma kitties were barely a year old. We could never figure out which kittens belong to which
mom as they shared nursing duties.

These kitties, in their short lives, have had it rough but that was all about to change.

After speaking with Vet, Vet techs and animal rescuer friends, we knew the kitties were all on path to

In the meantime, it was baby food, moist food, boiled chicken and high quality kitten food to get these
babies feeling better. They all seemed to be feeling better except for one kitten, which we named


On the mend.

I immediately noticed that Clover was having a hard time getting around. She was visually impaired,
slightly lethargic and was also the smallest of the group.

She went to the Vet several times to ensure that everything was okay with her. During this time, I
became extremely bonded to her. We were inseparable. If she wasn’t lying on top of my head, she was
under the covers with me or resting near me. I came to view her as my little angel, sent from heaven to
brighten up my life.


Clover during one of her vet visits.

I would leave the house for an hour and as soon as she heard my voice, she perked up. The love and
beauty in her face made everything worthwhile. The endless scooping duties, the massive vet bills, the
worrying and crying over her, the stress of trying to find homes for 10 kitties…everything was better
when she looked at me.


Bonding with my angel, Clover.

After a few weeks, their stool looked better, their ear mites, fleas and worms were gone and their coats
looked much better. They were all neutered/spayed, combo tested and vaccinated except for Clovie, my
blind baby.

We put on a heavy Facebook campaign to start the process of finding homes for these babies. News was
spreading and several of the kittens had pending adoptions.

During this time, I decided that I couldn’t part with Clovie. I was head over heels in love with this special,
tiny, blind baby. No one could ever care for her like I could.

Unfortunately, Clovie fell sick once again and upon taking her to the vet and having blood work and x- rays taken, it was determined that she had FIP and was extremely sick. She would not be getting better.
My heart shattered on the spot.

The only decision to make was to have her put to sleep and end her suffering. I cried at the Vet’s office
for hours before we had her put to sleep. How do I look at my baby girl and be okay with that moment being the last time I look upon that beautiful face?


Saying Goodbye to Clovie

I was beyond devastated and I felt that a piece of me died that day with Clovie. I became very jaded about rescue work once Clovie passed as I felt it was so unfair for God to place this angel in my arms and so quickly take her away. I struggled so badly with her passing but she gave me the strength I needed to end this rescue mission that I started…in honor of her.

The remaining 9 kitties were adopted out by August 31, 2012…6 weeks after their initial rescue.


The momma kitties headed to their wonderful new families.

Sometimes, I think about what would have happened to these 10 beautiful kitties out in the country in that abandoned house with no food, water or social interaction and it breaks my heart. They are all such wonderful, loving kitties, that I can’t picture them never having a home.

I know that I can’t save them all and this rescue was so tough on me on so many levels but I’m so grateful for that phone call that started it all. Sometimes, things align just perfectly and I think this is one of those times and I’m honored to have helped these babies.

In honor my beautiful, special baby, I chose to give her sister and best friend, Chippie, a life full of love. Thank you, Clover. Run free, sweet angel.



I will always love you, sweetheart.



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  1. You have our empathy. As I say to my daughters, our hearts may be broken but our fur babies wil always be “Just a gentle thought away”. Xxx

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