The Look of Love

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Bernice burned kitty on the mend looks lovingly into the eyes of her personal angel, Dr. Becky, who gives her love, encouragement, companionship and care. For those who ask the question “Is this cat worth saving?”, this image speaks volumes to the answer, which is yes, she is.

We had not planned on doing yet another post on Bernice this evening until we happened to stop in our tracks at the sight of this most beautiful image of the expression of love between a little girl who not long ago was a terribly injured burn victim and the woman who has been her special angel and helped her over the trauma. Dr. Becky Bosetski is Bernice’s physician at the Animal Hospital of Oshkoskh.

If you are not familiar with Bernice and her story and wish to know more, you can visit our index of Bernice Stories.

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  1. That photo needs no explanation. God Bless both of them… and who asked if she was worth saving………??? aren’t they all…..????

  2. Of course she’s worth saving and she’s a lucky girl to have a doctor that knows it! What a beautiful pair! Bast watches and holds dear to her children and caretakers. <3

  3. This kitty will live and will be scared for life . but will be ok … She`ll be loved and cared for. Some wretched animal.l did this to this poor defensless Kittyl.. And probably laughed about it …….. They`re part of the Human Race and so are we……… i dont see how as a people we can survive when this kind of evil is lurking among us and goes unpunished … God help us all.

  4. Every life is worth saving, especially this baby’s life! She is a real trouper and thank God for this wonderful Dr. who is taking care of her. Good luck Bernice and Godspeed!!

  5. That is such good news the poor lttle thing is mending… sending healing love her way,,,, but I also wish they could find the person who did this… that is a dangerous person.

  6. so absolutely sweet. part of me hopes dr. becky can keep bernice, since they seem to have a great bond between them.

  7. Hell yes she is worth saving!!!! If my sweet Pumpkin could have be saved in Oct, I would have done everthing under the sun to nursed him back to health!! He was not given that chance, the lord wanted.

  8. It’s amazing how she can be trusting towards people, even after such a horrific ordeal. Great job, Dr., and best wishes to beautiful bernice.

  9. Children and Animals seem to have a Sixth sense…… They know who loves and cares for them….. and they know who to be afraid of …. Its just a natural ability

  10. Yep, that’s what Love looks like~! Thank you, you angels you~! God bless Bernice. Thanks so much to you all…………

  11. I hope she will adopt her when she is ready for a furever home. they already love each other! personally I dont she how she could let her go…

  12. This is a beautiful sharing of love. THANK YOU Dr. Becky for taking such loving care of Bernice! The entire story of Bernice’s rescue, treatment and healing are so uplifting and encouraging. It helps to restore Bernice’s faith in the human race when its destroyed by such a horrendous act!

  13. Just watched the video about Bernice,how could anyone do this!!! Even in her condition you could see the love in her little eyes,what a sweetheart keep up the great progress,and to the angels taking care of her THANK YOU without sweet people like you where would these poor babies end up. I live a long way away on an island south of Australia,called Tasmania,but im sending my prayers and all my love to little Bernice,PLEASE GET BETTER SOON!!!

  14. I’m so glad that Bernice continues to recover and has so many truly caring people watching over her progress every step of the day. Each time I see a story or picture posted about Bernice, she keeps looking in better shape than the one prior so they appear to be going the proper route. We’re all pulling for your Bernice!

  15. ty 4 being kind to that cat.hope u will keep on loving him/her.godbless u always & all of us who love cats.

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