The Little Kitty That Could: Cat vs Mouse

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“The Little Kitty That Could” is a very young special needs kitten who had a Facebook page and a group of devoted supporters shortly after being rescued by the woman who adopted her.

Carmen Bernard found the kitten in the middle of the road in Jacksonville, FL on December 9, and at first thought she was a baby opossum. Because of the way the kitten was formed, Carmen initially feared she’d been hit by a car. She took the kitten to the vet first thing the following morning and learned more about the very special little creature.

The 5 week old kitten was found to be blind, showing no pupilary reflex to light. The vet said she may gain some functional sight as she grows. Her right hind leg is facing backward, and is twisted.  The vet said kitty’s pelvis and left leg are abnormal. Her little tail is stubby, too.

She is also adorable  and very endearing.

Online friends were invited to submit suggestions for a name, and Carmen sifted through well over 600 entries before making a selection. The kitty’s official name became Plucky Pretzel Wonder. Her friends can call her whichever nickname derivation they choose. Pretzel is not just a nod to the kitty’s twisted leg; the pretzel is also a symbol of good luck, long life and prosperity.

Plucky Pretzel Wonder is now about 8 weeks old. She is thriving in Carmen’s care, getting bigger and stronger, and adapting to her new home and family. She has become friends with the family’s two dogs, and has learned to play.

Two videos uploaded yesterday and today show Pretzel’s playful spirit and her increased strength. The videos are shown here in reverse order. First is a video uploaded this afternoon. Second is the earlier video, made when the dog’s snoring woke both Carmen and Pretzel at 3am in the overnight between January 1 and 2, and an impromptu play session ensued. You can hear the dog in the background.

Pretzel will see a specialist veterinarian on Tuesday, January 8.


Our post The Little Kitty That Could from December 15, 2012 tells how Pretzel was found and gives the initial medical assessment, and includes photos and videos.

For updates straight from the source, visit and “Like” the The Little Kitty That Could page on Facebook.

A Medical Bills for Pretzel ChipIn is collecting donations for the kitten’s upcoming medical care. She will be assessed, and plans for any treatment will be made as more is known and as she grows.




Boxing Day, December 26, 2012


Posing with cards and packages from friends. Photos via Facebook.




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