The Little Kitty That Could: Cat Lady in Training

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Pretzel, The Little Kitty That Could, is walking beautifully on her formerly bent, twisted right hind leg weeks after having the first of two surgeries to correct an abnormality she has had since birth. The next surgery will realign her ankle and foot. You might not notice it, but Pretzel is also blind.

The sweet kitty with the huge Facebook following, who we see walking, playing with her toys, and demonstrating the use of her leg while grooming, gets completely upstaged in the first video, by little cat lady in training Donna. Donna is the toddler aged daughter of Pretzel’s rescuer and petmom Carmen Bernard. The little scene stealer is gentle and loving with her family’s special kitty.

We get a better view of Pretzel playing and showing the improvement to her leg in the video at bottom.

You can follow Pretzel at The Little Kitty That Could page on Facebook. For more stories and video with pretzel at our site, click HERE.



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