The Last One Home

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Independent Cat SocietyIn June 2012, an abandoned litter of six kittens was brought to Independent Cat Society, a no-kill cat shelter in Westville, Indiana.

The kittens each had a very bad upper respiratory infection as well as infection in their eyes, causing all of their eyes to be in horrible shape. The eye infection had grown so extreme that three of the kittens ended up having to each have an eye removed!

The staff at Independent Cat Society worried about the whole litter, but especially about one little kitten named Pierce.

The vet told them that Pierce may be blind in his remaining eye, making adoption all the more challenging for the already one-eyed kitten. As the days went by after Pierce’s surgery, the staff noticed that Pierce would follow lights, people and toys.

An appointment with an eye specialist this past February confirmed what they had been observing: Pierce could see!

In spite of this great news, everyone watched as all of Pierce’s littermates found their homes while gentle Pierce played all by himself.  He was well loved by everyone at Independent Cat Society but he had simply not found his perfect, forever family. They saw that he was a beautiful little cat and hoped each day that someone would notice the happy guy who had overcome what life had thrown at him.

Finally, last month Pierce met his forever family and everyone knew he had found his perfect home.

A bit more than a year after arriving at Independent Cat Society and following many challenges, Pierce now has the well-deserved love and care that ne needs.


Independent Cat Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 no-kill cat shelter in Westville, Indiana. Since their founding in 1977, their goal has been to find homes for the homeless cats in their community. After spaying or neutering, they focus on placing each cat into a loving and lasting home.

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