The City Where Cats Are King

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Cats are king in Istanbul, where thousands of cats make themselves at home in the city that regards cats as essential to its identity. A documentary film, Kedi, that tells the story from a cat’s eye point of view is set to be released March 6. Kedi is a debut film for its director, a woman and native of Istanbul, Ceyda Torun.

(Screengrab: YouTube/Kedi)

In this trailer, the narrator explains that the hundreds of thousands of cats that live in the Turkish capitol are neither domestic or strays. Instead they are an integral part of the city, its character and atmosphere. Residents feed them and the city vaccinates them. Charlie Wuppermann of Termite Films said that Torun was always fond of cats, and was inspired when she saw the way that visitors reacted when a cat came up to them to be petted or took a chair at a cafe.

(Screengrab: YouTube/Kedi)

“The cats in Istanbul and their relationship to the city and its people is the only one of its kind in the world. Here, cats behave as if they know you even if you’ve just met,” Wuppermann told the International Business Times. The film-maker collected stories from different neighborhoods; the film’s crew used various techniques to film the cats and show the city from the cat’s perspective, close to the ground.

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