The Cat With Fifteen Lives

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Image source: Tom Cox via Twitter
Image source: Tom Cox via Twitter

While it’s popular belief that cats have nine lives, one man believes that his cat has more in the way of 15 lives.

Tom Cox, an author from Devon, England, believes that his cat, Bear, has more than the average cat’s nine lives. Bear, who is now 21, has had many brushes with death during his lifetime. Between the cat’s various events and illnesses, he’s likely to be alive.

Cox took to Twitter recently, Tweeting a list titled “The 15 Lives of my 21-year-old Cat, The Bear (Of Which I Am Aware).”

Cox, who authored the book Close Encounters Of The Furred Kind, regularly Tweets about cats, but this particular post was a hit.

From Cox’s list, it’s evident that Bear has certainly had an eventful life. Among some of Bear’s close encounters with death are an unexplained river crossing, an allergy to both fleas and to the treatment for the fleas, being abandoned on the side of a highway by his previous owners, and even carbon monoxide poisoning.

We’re pretty inclined to agree with Cox that, yes, Bear definitely has more than nine lives. And it’s a good thing, too, because he certainly put them to good use. Here’s hoping Bear’s senior years are a little more relaxing.

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