The Cat & the Rabbit

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It was quite a site, this unique pairing.  A rabbit and a cat were seen together frequently raiding the dumpsters behind local area restaurants in Alexander City, AL.  Of more interest, perhaps, was the cat having been spied acquiring lettuce and dropping it to his awaiting colleague below.  Many thought it odd that a carnivore who by all accounts should have made a fast meal of his friend was, in fact, supplying meal delivery.

The cat was spied by a board member of the Lake Martin Animal Shelter and noticed it was not appearing to be well.  She was able to get the cat care and the shelter took over from there.  The cat, a young male of about 6 months, was suffering from a congestive issue and is on the way to recovery.  Once he is introduced into the shelter population, he will be given a name and be readied for adoption and hopefully on his way to a forever home.

His friend, the rabbit, it is believed although unsubstantiated, has been given a home near one of the restaurants.  Though their friendship was definitely that of an odd couple, it can be a reminder to us all that there are always friends to be had even in the strangest of situations.

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  1. You should not have separated the rabbit and cat , they have become buddies , and maybe the rabbit was relying on the cat for food …… If rabbit is still there I would bring the two together ……

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