The Cat Lady of Mykonos


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She lives on a beautiful island on the Aegean sea. Her mission in life is feeding strays. Here’s her story.

“She was an actress and never married. She had devoted 30 years to feeding strays, spending over half her pension on cat food. Her days are spent feeding cats all over the city.”

So begins a guest post on the popular blog, Katzenworld, about what the author, Caitlin, describes as “the ultimate crazy cat lady.”

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“She had a large white hat to keep the sun off her face. She wore an oversized knitted sweater and an azure scarf with faded jeans and red canvas shoes. She carried around ragged bags that looked like they weighed more than she does.”

The Greek islands are known for their stunning scenery, and also for the number of cats and dogs in need, as highlighted by the Mykonos Animal Welfare Support Group.

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Most tourists choose to ignore the hungry cats who roam everywhere. But at least one woman cares enough to help. “She called to the cats in Greek as we made our way through town as if she were the Pied Piper. Sure enough, cats came running from all corners to follow her.” Read more about her story on Catilin’s blog or Katzenworld.

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