The Castaway who Found His Forever Home Thanks to Three Boys’ Generosity

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Castaway SuzyFP (2)As his name implies, Castaway had been given up when he was only a tiny kitten. His owners brought him to the Hilton Head Humane Association as they were moving and were not allowed to have pets in their new home.

Of course, Castaway did not understand this. All he knew was that the only stability or home he had in his short little life was suddenly being taken away and he was now in an unfamiliar and scary environment.

Even though the staff and volunteers at Hilton Head Humane Association gave him as much love as possible, it still was not a home and little Castaway had a hard time becoming accustomed to the shelter. He was also not the easiest kitten to show to potential adopters as he was very shy. Castaway needed a very special forever family.

One day, a family with three young boys decided to make a visit to the shelter. The boys had saved their allowance money throughout the school year for a new video game player. However, when they saw Castaway that day, their plans for how to spend that money changed. They immediately decided that giving Castaway a home and letting him join their family was worth more than all the video games in the world!

The family recently told the staff at Hilton Head Humane Association that Castaway was a great investment. They declared that Castaway is the “best cat ever.” Castaway now lives happily in his forever home with lots of love from the three boys and their parents.


Hilton Head Humane Association is dedicated to providing a safe haven for the abandoned cats and dogs of the Low Country of South Carolina. They are funded entirely by membership dues, fundraising, private donations and generous bequests. Over the past year, over 2,500 animals have been cared for by the Hilton Head Humane Association. They spay/neuter and provide food, shelter, medical care and love for domesticated cats and dogs until adoptive homes are found.

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  1. What fabulous boys! And great parents for letting their children open their hearts to a furry friend in need. Good news!

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