The Amazing Didja in CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure!

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The amazing skateboarding cat Didga returns with a new video that adds lyrics and behind the scenes footage from his and Robert Dollwet’s viral hit that follows the surefooted kitty on an adventurous day out.

Robert writes:

I’ve put together a slightly different version (including a small bit of behind the scenes) of the video along with the song lyrics and the words on screen to help you sing along. I hope you enjoy!

(Lyric Version) The Action starts when Ollie, a skateboard, takes his friend Didga, a CAT, for a ride around the beautiful beach town of Coolangatta, Australia. On the way Didga “shows off” by jumping on, off, up and even over obstacles. One of those obstacles happens to be a large Rottweiler dog. FYI – 18 months of teaching then practicing, 6 months of filming and editing, so please, don’t try this at home.

See the original CAT super Skateboarding Adventure aka A Day in the Life of Didga and Ollie HERE.

CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure! (With Lyrics)


You might also enjoy another video with Didga and a skateboard: Cat’s Skateboard Surprise.

Didga also starred in the viral video, CAT BARELY ESCAPES JAWS.

Dog and cat trainer Robert Dollwet,of Malibu Dog Training, uploads cat training and other cat videos videos at his CATMANTOO YouTube channel.

Didga is Robert’s pet cat, adopted from a shelter, who took readily to training and helps demonstrate what cats can do with positive training that is fun and rewarding for them.

See more Robert Dollwet / Catmantoo videos at our site here.

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