The 3 Most Common Cat Behavior Problems Solved

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The most common cat problems that trainer Mikkel Becker sees are cats clawing furniture, mouthing and scratching during play, and peeing outside the litterbox. Here are her basic tips for solving these big behavior issues.

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1 thought on “The 3 Most Common Cat Behavior Problems Solved”

  1. We (me and wife) have a beautiful Brittish Shorthair 3 years old queen. She’s a lovely cat but she dodges away from my caresses and keeps herself aloof and distant most of the time she does not accepts our lapping and or even fauteuil proximity when we are in the living room.
    None of us have ever mistreated her, and each time she indulges appearing near us
    we salute, cuddling voicing, and invite her repeatedly to approach and join us — and
    she immediately turns her back on us and leave the room.
    We fail to understand what can trigger this behaviour — on the contrary, we feel this a complete undeserved attitude, which leads us to daily disappointments.
    Since weeks old she was allways somewhat aloof, but nowadays its worsening. We love her but we do not know what to do anymore. Are cats mentay prone to such strange ailments?
    And would you advise what can we do, please…

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