The 10 Most Popular Kitten Names for 2015

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Image source: Trish Hamme via Flickr
Image source: Trish Hamme via Flickr

Are you searching for the right name for your new kitten? Vetstreet has just released the top 10 most popular kitten names for 2015. Broken down into male and female names, these lists are curated from Veterstreet’s database containing 652,536 kitten names. Wondering if your cat’s name made the list? Then check out the results below.

Top 10 Female Kitten Names

10. Daisy

9. Gracie

8. Lily

7. Nala

6. Callie

5. Chloe

4. Kitty

3. Lucy

2. Bella

1. Luna

Top 10 Male Kitten Names

10. Kitty

9. Tiger

8. Jack

7. Smokey

6. Simba

5. Milo

4. Leo

3. Max

2. Charlie

1. Oliver

All of these names are great choices for new cats and kittens. When naming a cat, you want to choose a name which is easy to pronounce. Multi-syllable names are easier for your pet to hear and recognize. Finally, make sure to avoid names which sound like commands – “Flo” sounds like “No,” for instance, and can easily confuse your cat.

What names do you think will top the list in 2016?

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