That’s Okay, I’ll Get It Myself

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We have yet another water cat. This self sufficient kitty turns on the faucet and gets herself a drink.

can ur cat do this

12 thoughts on “That’s Okay, I’ll Get It Myself”

  1. Just make sure to close all the bathroom doors before heading to work or out of town…or you may be looking at some pretty painful water bills. I doubt kitty will care much about shutting the faucet off!

  2. I have always left a tiny stream of cold water running in my clawfoot tub and my cat loves to drink her water there rather than out of her water bowl!! She’s 16 and jumps in and out of that big tub like a kitten! Well, she’s done it since she was a kitten. I think I have more pictures of her sitting in the tub than anywhere else! Love her~~she’s my baby!

  3. My kitties did this with our r/o faucet, except it was turned away from the sink, so they created a waterfall off of our kitchen island! Heard water running during the night and awoke to find them totally enthralled with their new “water feature”. 10 gallons of water all over the kitchen floor!

  4. I keep trying to show mine how to do this and he’s smart. I think he just wants to watch me do it for him.

  5. my cat lily will only drink water out of the tap. I always left a dribble on for her out back in my `service area`for washing things out on the rear balcony. well once the wind blew a paper bag in the sink and when i got home that evening the whole back balcony was full of water. the drain was stopped up and I didnt know it thank goodness I had a wet dry vac but still took me a lot of time to get rid of it all. of course all six of my cats the loved it! they were all wet! hahahaha I had to laugh!!

  6. Really cute, I like how she was smart enough to turn in to the cold position~! :*) Cats are much smarter than what we give them credit for….

  7. Buy decorative indoor water fountains & top them up a few times a day, your cat is happy & no excess water use. My boy Velcro has 2 water fountains now

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