That’s My Cat Rusty!

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That’s my cat, Rusty! is the exclamation that no doubt jumped to mind as the long missing tabby’s petmom drove past the Joplin MO Humane Society on August 18 and saw Rusty’s picture up on the shelter’s electronic billboard. Needless to say, she dashed inside and reclaimed her missing boy.

Rusty had been missing since Halloween 2010, when he is thought to have left his yard with a group of trick or treaters. The Humane Society says his petmom checked constantly and didn’t give up hope. Nearly ten months later that hope was rewarded.

Where was Rusty all that time? We don’t know and Rusty is not telling.

In our story yesterday on JJ we noted the network of dedicated local rescuers who, with the help of the general populace, continue to help lost and stray pets in Joplin.  JHS was the wonderful organization at the forefront of emergency efforts after the tornado, and they continue to work tirelessly for all of Joplin’s animals in need.

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  1. Rusy looks almost exactly like my cat Toonces that I had to put down almost 4 years ago shortly after he turned 17.

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