That’s Him! Couple Finds Lost Cat With Grumpy Face

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(Image: Instagram/Alex Shebar)

Luc the cat has an adorably grumpy mug that makes you want to squeeze his cheeks–even though he probably wouldn’t like that. His distinctive kitty scowl proved a godsend recently when he went missing and his heartbroken “maman” put up posters around the neighborhood hoping someone would recognize Luc and help bring him home. “Luc went missing yesterday,” the plaintive poster read. “Please help us find him.”

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(Image: lucthecat1/Instagram)

That someone turned out to be Alex Shebar, who was out for a stroll with his girlfriend, Shamaine Watson, according to a recent posting on Shebar’s Instagram page: “Shamaine and I were walking home tonight when we spotted a lost cat poster displaying a picture of a phenomenally grumpy cat. What happens when we turn the corner? We find the lost grumpy cat!”

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(Image: lucthecat/Instagram)

“He looked like the kind of cat you wouldn’t want to mess with. He was very hard to miss,” Shebar told The Dodo, which published an account of Luc’s misadventure and homecoming. “You never expect to find a lost cat like that,” Shebar said when he spoke to The Dodo. “But there he was just sitting there.” A phone call was sufficient to reunite Luc with his worried owners, who were thrilled to see him.

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(Image: lucthecat1/Instagram)

“If we hadn’t stopped to look at the poster, we wouldn’t have made the connection,” said Shebar.  “So the fact that we were able to reunite them feels wonderful.” We agree. Luc loves ham and is very friendly. If you want to check in on Luc, you can visit him on his Instagram page, @lucthecat1.

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