Thanksgiving Rescues: Pumpkin and Pecan

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Pumpkin and Pecan came to the NYC ACC as a pair of young bonded kittens. Though young and cute and given positive remarks as being “bright, alert and responsive”, the pair were less than perfect in an environment where lives are lost for any number of trivial reasons if the animals are not rescued within a short window of availability. Pumpkin has a congenital deformity of the skull and Pecan has an umbilical hernia. ACC staff noted on their records that the babies came in together, and the kittens had the good fortune to be pulled from the animal control facility for rescue together by Anjellicle Cats Rescue and placed into foster care. As might be guessed by their pie themed names, Pumpkin and Pecan were rescued by Anjellicle Cats last week, on the day after Thanksgiving. As others lined up to spend money shopping in crowded stores on black Friday, the kittens’ rescuers were more interested in saving lives.

While Pumpkin is about the same size as his brother Pecan, it is clear that his skull is severely deformed. His caretakers want to make sure that Pumpkin will not suffer any long term complications as a result of any abnormalities that could retard proper brain and nervous system development. He will be assessed by a veterinary neurologist in the upcoming weeks once his foster has been able to observe and record his behaviors.

When Pecan is a little stronger and heartier, he will need his large umbilical hernia repaired to prevent complications with digestion and growth.

Tenth Life for New York City Cats, a nonprofit that assists other rescue groups by providing reduced cost surgical care for injured animals rescued from the New York City ACC shelters, is hosting a ChipIn to raise funds for the rescued kittens’ medical care.

The kittens are incredibly sweet as they snuggle up in the carrier after being saved, in the video below. The pair of Thanksgiving cats are beginning a new life filled with promise.


Pumpkin (called Ruby at ACC) and Pecan (called Sapphire at ACC), listed with their intake numbers from the animal control facility.






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