Texas Woman Wants Change in State Law After Incident With Her Cat

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Rainy Day sits in quarantine after an accidental and minor scratch given to his petmom, who feared he’d be taken away due to an over-reaching state law dealing with public health.

Kathryn Bushong sees the need to amend Texas law after fearing her cat would be taken away. The trouble began when Kathryn was scratched by her cat Rainy Day and she went to the doctor for the slight swelling that resulted. Now rainy Day is quarantined.

A Texas law meant to protect the public from rabies has the vaccinated house pet quarantined and her petmom concerned that she might have lost her cat due to protections that go too far. She thinks it’s time to make changes to the law.


5 thoughts on “Texas Woman Wants Change in State Law After Incident With Her Cat”

  1. I’m guessing this doctor was a little over zealous too. I expect many doctors would not have reported the cat, tempering the law with a little common sense. But I think she’s absolutely right that the law needs to be changed. I think these laws usually specify different treatment for animals that are up to date on rabies than for animals that cannot prove they are up to date, but either way common sense should rule (however – rabies is serious business and that’s the point behind all these laws).

  2. My cat scratched my lip while playing. I too, doctored it myself. It healed and I am fine two days later.

  3. WTF ! Is this Texas or the Soviet Union ??? Why don’t they fire the Director and all the other morons at this Animal Services ??? This reminds of the current administration in Washington. If anyone tried to quarantine my Tuxedo Cat they would have their frigging legs broken.

  4. Seriously… Where do we sign this petition? I have this exact thing going on right now with our cat. She got me in the eye by accident and if I’d have known this was the result… If have said my husband accidentally hit me in his sleep or something… At least then the words “don’t press charges” mean something. Or I’d have lied about my address an phone number on the form the doctor REQUIRED me to fill out. :/

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