Texas Woman Shoots Husband to Protect Cat

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Spring, TX resident Audrey Deen Miller was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon yesterday after an early morning argument with her husband in the couple’s back yard. Precinct 4 Assistant Chief Mark Herman accepted Ms. Miller’s claim that she shot her husband in the abdomen after he threatened to shoot one of her cats, saying “The husband was trying to do something to the cat and the wife was just trying to protect her cat.”

The husband was taken to a hospital and arrived home later in the day, still wearing his hospital gown and unable to enter his locked home. He declined to comment to the KHOU news crew covering the story at the scene.

The cat was not hurt.

16 thoughts on “Texas Woman Shoots Husband to Protect Cat”

  1. Shooting a cat is animal abuse…why wait until it is done. She did the right thing and he should be in jail, not her.

  2. And now what is going to happen to the poor cat??? this is no joke or laughing matter. I feel sorry for the lady and the cat

  3. I don’t blame her a bit. You just LET someone threaten one of my cats. Good for her. If someone threatened one of my cats, I’d do the same thing. The guy ought to have charges brought against him for threatening to shoot a poor defenseless cat.

  4. Someone should cut that lady’s husband’s hands off. I hope he doesn’t try to get revenge by hurting the poor cat. Well done, lady. I would have done the same, and God only knows I love my man. But nobody touches a strand of fur on my cats’ backs!

  5. Good for Audrey! my mom has 11 cats and my dad knows exactly where he stands. lol!

    hope someone looks after that poor kitty!

  6. You go girl. Is there anywhere we can send donations for her legal defense? This jerk got exactly what he deserved. People who abuse animals or even threaten to abuse them are scum. This is nothing more than some abusive lowlife who attempts to control and hurt his partner by threatening or harming animals.

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