Texas Town Upset by Cat Mutilations

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Cat owners in Katy, Texas are on high alert in the wake of a string of cat killings and mutilations. Sam Dougherty told NBC news that he was sickened to find the body of the family cat lying next to the curb one recent morning when he left the house to walk his son to school. The cat’s body was cut in half and left in plain view.

“The image was so graphic, it didn’t register at first what I was looking at,” Dougherty told NBC.

Dougherty and his vet agree that the cat was not the victim of a coyote or other predator. “The state of the pet’s remains is suspicious for an intentional act by a human being,” the vet wrote in her report.

In life, Imhotep the Siamese was majestic, said Dougherty, a veteran who has seen the ravages of war but did not expect to encounter such a shocking sight in his quiet Falcon Ranch neighborhood.


Imhotep is not the only cat who has been cruelly killed and cut in half, said Robert Serrett, president of the Falcon Ranch Homeowners Association. “We’ve had several instances in Cinco Ranch and Falcon Ranch,” he said. “It’s awful, certainly for the families.” So far cats are the only pets being targeted.

Imhotep’s remains have been cremated and placed in an urn.  “We’ll put him in a place of honor, on the mantle,” said Dougherty. “He was the best cat you could ever meet.” Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office.

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