Texas Tigers Must Go…And You Can Help!

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A Texas big cat sanctuary closed its doors last year and one couple is stepping forward to facilitate moving the last three tigers to Big Cat Rescue.

Due to bankruptcy, the Texas sanctuary was forced to rehome 300 animals that were in its care. All but seven were placed before a donor couple stepped forward to help. Three tigers (Andre, Apotha, and Kyle) will be moved to Big Cat Rescue and four went to another reputable sanctuary.

Although the couple chose to remain anonymous, they do admit to having a personal interest in some of these particular big cats. In 1996 they became enamored with several tiger cubs and had wondered what happened to them after the facility than housed them closed its doors in 2003. They traced them to the Texas sanctuary and found the stripes pattern was a near-perfect match! They were so grateful to locate these tigers and were committed to ensuring they land in safe and loving sanctuaries.

Although the couple is generously funding the majority of the costs incurred by the moves, Big Cat Rescue is asking for help to pay for the transportation and cage enlargements.  The bankruptcy court says all the tigers must vacate the Texas sanctuary this month.  So far they’ve raised over $9,000, but need a total of $30,000 to effectively rescue the three big cats.

You can help bring the tigers to Big Cat Rescue by making a donation here.  Your contribution of any amount will help give Andre, Apotha, and Kyle the forever home they deserve.

Want to learn more about Big Cat Rescue and their mission?  And watch some beautiful big cats?

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