Texas Siamese Rescue: It’s a Cat’s Life at Meezers Ranch

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A local TV news crew came out to visit Texas Siamese Rescue at “Meezer Ranch” in Corinth, Texas recently and filed a vdeo report on the rescue and its residents. Texas Siamese rescue is part of a network of groups in the US that are loosely affiliated as Siamese Rescue. Siamese Rescue celebrated an important milestone in December 2012, when they rescued their 20,000th cat.

Texas Siamese Rescue provides a cage free environment staffed by volunteers, where the cats are all known by name and are provided with care, attention, stimulation and the utmost in comfort. The ranch is able to keep about 75 cats at one time, and has rescued 7,422 cats. The group tries to find homes for the cats but will keep them as long as needed. As we see in both videos below, the ranch also has some non-Siamese residents.

You can visit Texas Siamese Rescue at Facebook, where they give updates and share photos of adoptable cats.

In February 2012, the ranch showcased a new mini ranch set up for the cats, alongside the large “kitty TV” fish tank and a popular lounging bench.

January 4, 2013: This sweet little girl is Sealy. She is 9 months old and has spent most of that in a shelter. While she was in AC she had a bad eye infection which left her eyes cloudy but doesn’t hinder her ability to rule her world. She is young, fun, busy, and now has a clean bill of health. The only missing ingredient for puuurfection? A furever home.

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