Tenacity the Kitten

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Dr. Raven Novak of La Zoetry Pet Clinic in Cheyenne, WY was deeply touched by an abused kitten who was brought in to the clinic earlier this month.  The kitten suffered from serious head injuries that caused her to have seizures and impacted her vision, but the little one purred and kneaded, endearing herself to the vet.  Dr. Novak named the kitten Tenacity, for her strong and compelling will to live, and dedicated herself to trying to help Tenacity to live and to heal.

The kitten was found abused and abandoned outside by a dmpster at the LCCC  (Laramie County Community College) campus in Cheyenne on January 2 by a good Samaritan who took her to La Zoetry Pet Clinic, where Dr. Novak took the little animal in and promised her the best of care.

A  fundly donations page (see clickable badge at bottom of post) has helped raise funds for tenacity’s care. Dr. Novak is providing her services without charge but has to pay for medicine and Tenacity’s specialist care and surgery at Colorado State University veterinary hospital. The fundly page has raised more that its stated $2,000 goal, but the CSU bill alone, at reduced cost, is over $4,000.

Tenacity has made remarkable improvement, but will need a period of rest and recovery after surgery before her condition can be re-assessed.

Local publicity through ongoing coverage at KGWN news has brought support from the community for Tenacity and her caregiver.

Dr. Novak gets emotional when talking about Tenacity in the news video below.

Updates are shared at the La Zoetry Pet Clinic page at Facebook.

Here are update excerpts from the La Zoetry Pet Clinic page:

January 4: This sweet kitten was brought to us by a client. She was found in a dumpster at LCCC after her head had been smashed and she had been abandoned. She won our hearts with her sweet personality and purring despite her injuries. Her name is Tenacity and she needs all the prayers and support she can get. She is spending the weekend with Dr Novak and we will continue to treat her.

January 7: We have taken x-rays and have been medically managing Tenacity’s seizure activity. She has gained 1/4 pound since Thursday and is eating and drinking very well.

January 13:  Ms. Tenacity had a very good day with no seizures (knock on wood), learning to play and following footsteps (it appears that she has slight vision which we hope will continue to improve). She’s resting in the warmth and softness of her new bed!!

January 16: Dr. Novak just spoke with the neurologist at CSU and after analyzing Tenacity’s MRI they will proceed with surgery. The next few hours are crucial and we ask for everyone’s positive thoughts and prayers!

January 16: Ms. Tenacity is in ICU recovering from her lengthy anesthesia day!!By no means is she”out of the woods” and the next 24 hours is critical.

Jan 17: Dr. Novak is going to pick up sweet little Tenacity at CSU this afternoon. She had one seizure last night and is still fighting a fever but the CSU Neurologists are trying to keep the expense down. The current CSU estimate is $4050.00  Thank you everyonefor your GREAT kindness!!


KGWN CBS5 news has provided ongoing coverage of the story, including details of Tenacity’s tests and treatment at CSU.


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