Technicians remove kitten from engine compartment of Tesla electric car

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A compassionate electric car owner took his Tesla Model S to the garage and asked to have a kitten carefully removed from the engine compartment.

Austin, Texas resident John Griswell was concerned for a tiny kitten who’d gotten inside the workings of his car and wanted to make sure the kitty didn’t fall to the concrete floor of the garage when he was freed by technicians at the Tesla Service Center.

Griswell had tried to coax the kitten out at home but finally took his car to the professionals to have the kitten removed after kitty kept returning back inside the car after brief forays into the Griswell’s garage.

A video shows the rescue, which resulted in the kitten’s safe recovery.

The kitten, thought to be the offspring of a feral or stray cat, has found a home and will be given a name associated with the Tesla car.

Green Car Reports published a feature on the heartwarming rescue, in which John Griswell tells the story, saying:

“I think it climbed in sometime on Friday while I was out and about. Amazingly, it was safe in the cavity around the motor, even while I was driving.

“On Saturday, I noticed something hanging from the bottom of my car while it was parked on an incline. So I took a look and saw a paw hanging from the passenger rear-wheel well.

“Thinking that I’d hit a dead cat and its paw was stuck up in there, I backed up the car to get a better look, and it was gone.

“I figured it was a cat and it had run out when I moved.

“Later that night , we heard meowing from the garage.

“After searching around, I pointed a flashlight through the rear wheel and past the suspension and frame, and saw a pair of little eyes staring back at me.

“We put out food and left the garage door open, hoping it would leave overnight. But it only ate the food and climbed back in.

“On Sunday, we borrowed a live trap from a friend, put a can of tuna fish in it, and let the car sit all day.

“This time the kitten came out, took a dump in the garage, left the tuna alone, and climbed back into the Tesla.

“So on Monday morning I took the car to the Tesla Service Center for help.”

“We are now working on taming it, and have found someone to adopt it,” Griswell finished up.

“She plans to give it a Tesla-themed name.”
Watch the kitten’s rescue from inside the car:

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  1. to everyone that was great! she should name him Nik after Tesla real name Nikola…named after a one of the most intelligent persons we know.. Nikola Tesla

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