Tater Tot, Special Needs Kitten, is Rescued

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West Side Cats is caring for little Tater Tot, a special needs kitten saved in the nick of time at an auto wrecking yard, where she was suffering in a hot car.

West Side Cats is a no kill rescue located in Youngstown, OH. They have considerable experience caring for and rehoming special needs cats. Tater Tot is being cared for in a loving foster home.

Tater Tot was found at an auto wreckers.  She was the only surviving kitten in her litter and  was discovered just before they smashed the car. The car was very hot and there was no mommy to be found.

She is missing an eye, possibly because of an injury or maybe because of the heat.

She is also suffering from neurological problems which she may or may not recover from.  At first, we thought she was a cerabellar hypoplasia kitten but the Vet said no.

She attempts to walk and gets around very well although she keeps falling over.  It doesn’t seem to bother her and she gets up and continues her journey.

Her foster mommy is in love with this adorable little kitten, and thinks viewers will be, too, though it tugs the heart to see her struggling to walk. Tater tot will be well cared for and, perhaps, she will become a bit stronger and more surefooted as she grows.


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