Talented Cat Blossoms to a Beautiful Butterfly from an Ugly Cocoon

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Charmian, a beautiful Diva now


Cat lover, advocate, rescuer and volunteer Joan Addison sent us the story of a formerly starving and scraggly black cat she rescued last year. No one showed an interest in the wretched little creature Joan had rescued at first, but as she blossomed into a glorious beauty, people wished her well and tried to help find her family.

Joan feels that Charmian must be someone’s lost pet and she continues her efforts to find her family, though she has not had any luck doing so.

Joan has started a Charmian Adventures Facebook page for her and would appreciate it if you would visit the page, get to know the beautiful cat she saved, and maybe give it a ‘like.’

Joan says: “When Charmian first arrived, she was injured, skinny and straggly. Since being indoors, she has developed into a big fluffy beauty. I am still hoping that her owners are looking for her but just don’t know how to. They spayed her and it is obvious that they pampered her because she really thrives for and loves attention. She is also extremely talented in opening cabinets and hiding
inside without leaving a trace.”

Joan tells Charmian’s story below.


Her first arrival – September 18, 2013


When she first arrived on my back deck in Nassau Bay, TX on September 18, 2013, I thought she was a new feral cat who was there to enjoy the food that I had been putting out for a neighborhood feral cat that arrives periodically. Opening my door, made her hop away very quickly. She appeared to have an injured paw so mostly hobbled on her other 3 paws. I really wanted to help this injured furry kid.Then unlike a feral cat, I noticed that looking at her from a distance she would look at me and blink. Feral cats don’t blink. I then concluded that she definitely was not a feral cat but very scared because of her injury.

She was small and skinny and her fur looked very straggly as if it had been either shaved or chewed off.

Her hiding safety place


Letting me get closer as she eats – October 11, 2013

At first she didn’t eat much. Not having a success rate in the past of trapping cats, I was afraid to try my luck trapping her for fear that her injured paw might get caught as the trap closed down. My plan was to take pictures and try to find her humans as I gained her confidence providing food and water.

After a few weeks, she began coming closer as I put the food out. Still had no responses to my found postings for this straggly looking furry angel’s humans! Even though my house was so very full of furry kids and there was no place for her, I just couldn’t let her stay in her miserable environment outside.

My plan to catch her began by putting a carrier outside for her to adjust to. Then one late evening, my precious male cat Bambi woke me up meowing and scratching on the window to my outside deck. I thought it might be a raccoon or opossum and decided to go out to chase it away. Not a raccoon or opossum but instead it was this injured furry angel at my door wanting to come inside.

She sat there as I opened the door so I picked her up, put her in the carrier and brought her inside.

The Vet said that she was around five or six years old, had been spayed, no micro-chip and her injury was an old one that healed incorrectly and nothing could be done to correct it. He said that it isn’t hurting her.

Adjusting inside in my bathroom – November 17, 2013
Adjusting inside in my bathroom – November 17, 2013


Missing inside my bathroom


Found hiding inside the cabinet

Safe in my bathroom with a comfy make shift environment of food, water, litter pan, scratching post, toys, etc., I learned of her amazing talent. One day a couple of friends arrived to move some furniture. After they moved it, I wanted to show her to them. We went into the bathroom and she was nowhere to be found. Nothing was out of place! She was gone.

Having had cats who were masters at opening cabinets and doors, I began my search for her opening the cabinet doors. The last door I opened was one that just didn’t seem to be a place for her to be in because her bed was still up against it and that hadn’t been moved at all. Nothing had been moved outside or inside the cabinet during her stealth Houdini hiding adventure. However, there she was hiding inside with everything in place. She has continued to do this magical Houdini hiding trick with amazing perfection.

I have named her Charmian (Jack London’s Wife who partnered later with Harry Houdini) and have concluded that she probably was lost in a move and her humans are probably looking for her but don’t know how to find her. It is very possible that she was lost in a move.

Charmian – The beautiful butterfly has emerged – February 9, 2014

Charmian loves and really thrives for attention and purrs all of the time. It is obvious that she was very pampered and somehow wound up alone and starving. When I first posted her lost pictures, I received no response and no shares on Facebook, etc. To everyone she just looked like another black stray straggly cat so why even try to help. Then after a few months, Charmian’s Cocoon turned into an amazingly beautiful Butterfly as she gained weight and her beautiful fur grew in.

I posted her new picture and received a good response of people trying to help. Even my City Animal Control Officer created and posted flyers for her. People made comments such as this looks like someone’s cat. I did receive a few calls but she wasn’t theirs. Although I haven’t found her owners, I am still hopeful that they are really missing her.

I have created a Charmian Adventures Facebook page for her and hope this will help expand the search for her owners. (https://www.facebook.com/charmianadventures?ref_type=bookmark).

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