Take a Chance!

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Take a Chance on Me!

Speaking for adoptable shelter pets at their own facility and everywhere, staff and volunteers at the SPCA of Wake County NC give it their all in a cheery lip-synch production number to the ABBA song Take a Chance on Me.

While the video speaks for the best kind of shelters everywhere, its joyful exuberance and positive message are especially welcome coming out of North Carolina. The SPCA of Wake County works to rehome the cats and dogs who pass through its doors, or to transfer them to safety up North, while it pursues its mission to humanely manage the pet population of the surrounding area through spay and neuter efforts.

The SPCA, which serves the Raleigh area, describes its mission thus:

Founded in Raleigh in 1967, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Wake County is dedicated to creating a more humane community where every adoptable animal has a home. Each year the SPCA rehomes over 3,000 animals through its innovative adoption programs and lost and found efforts!

The guiding mission statement of the SPCA remains as relevant now as it was when it was written in 1967: To protect, shelter and promote the adoption of homeless animals; to provide education about responsible pet ownership and to reduce pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs

As many know, North Carolina is notorious as a very bad place for a cat or dog who may end up in a public animal control facility, and some public shelters maintain attitudes and practices that are considered barbaric by animal lovers. Given that grim state of affairs, the positive spirit and humane mission of Wake County SPCA is all the more greatly needed and appreciated.


Production services for the video were donated by POV Productions (http://www.povproductionsllc.com)

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  1. Oh who wouldn’t “take Chance”? What a cute video. If I could I would adopt them all.WE have two adopted and one found and one very silly dog so our house is full! Full of love.

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