Swan Song: Miss B. Retires From The Limelight

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Nearly a year after she first grabbed hearts everywhere, Miss Bernice will retire from the spotlight. Animal Hospital of Oshkosh made the announcement today.

Animal Hospital of Oshkosh announced on their Facebook page today that the cat who drew friends and supporters worldwide will return to private life, nearly a year after we came to know her.

Two new photographs and a note make her up her final moment in  the limelight.

Bernice was found on the street in Oshkosh, WI last July with severe burns over much of her body.  While many cats in her condition would have been put down, Bernice’s sweet personality and desire to live reached the medical staffers who saw her, and the decision was made to give her a chance to recover.

Hospital staff were extremely cautious about Bernice’s chances for survival, but she more than fulfilled everyone’s hopes for her recovery.

A gradual recovery from her burns, and a series of skin graft surgeries helped deal with scarred areas and save her from having serious mobility issues, due to shrinking scar tissue that might have tightened her movements.

After a long stay at the hospital, where she held court, and basked in her sunny window, Bernice went to her two homes. She divides her time between homes with Dr. Becky Bosetski and vet tech Dyan Meulemans.

Dr Becky wrote a note to accompany the announcement of Bernice’s retirement from public life. It is published at the hospital’s Facebook page. In closing, Dr. Becky says,

“She is very busy just being a cat, and enjoying ruling the roost no matter which house she is in. She is a very active youthful girl, who is always good for a laugh and a snuggle.

She is attached to us completely, and when she looks at us I swear she says thank you. Thank you for thinking that her life was worth saving, and for loving her unconditionally. At least that’s what I would like to think.

It is true that fairy tale endings are hard to come by, and are in most cases nothing more than a daydream. I think in Bernice’s case, she has gotten her happily ever after. Again, I thank you all for your care, concern, and support over the last year.

At this point, Bernice has decided to retire from the lime light and live out her life at her forever homes. If she could, I think she would ask all of you to continue to fight the good fight by lending your abundant loving support to the many animals out there in need. While she has enjoyed her days as a diva channeling Mariah & Aretha, she is ready to live the quiet life of luxury. After all, regulating two households is a lot for one cat to manage!! As one chapter closes another one opens.

Here’s to the rest of your life, Miss B!!!!”

Farewell, and thank you for the outpouring of love and the sense of community you have inspired, Miss. B. One injured, yet special cat brought out the best in thousands of people who all showered her with love and healing wishes. Miss B. even healed many of the hearts she touched.

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