SureWest Headquarters Employees Rescue Trapped Kitten

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SureWest employees were gripped by rescue efforts trying to save a kitten stuck down a storm drain on Thursday. Employees first heard cries at 6:30 am and finally rescued the kitten just before 2am on Friday.

The kitten was heard meowing by SureWest employees at about 6:30 am on Thursday, triggering a day long rescue effort. Maintenance staff at the telecommunications company’s Roseville, CA headquarters attempted to save the tiny kitten that was trapped 12 feet down, at the bottom of a drainage system, as other employees followed the rescue’s progress and tried to help. Animal control came and assisted, but by the end of the day, the kitten was still trapped.

Mama kitty was seen wandering the area throughout the day, very concerned for her baby.

Drain and sewer company Roseville Rooters came at 10 pm with a snake camera, which was sent down to help rescuers locate the kitten. A piece of screen was then set in the opening in hopes that the kitten would climb up and out.

Cristina Carson and Alex Reyes found and rescued the kitten later that night. The pair checked the drain site when they got off work at midnight and found the kitten clinging to the screen. As they tried to help the kitten it fell and disappeared again. The pair heard cries and realized the kitten had ended up in a drainage well covered by a steel grate. They were able to access the well from the building’s basement, and pulled the kitten from the water at nearly 2am.

After drying the kitten off, Christina placed it in a grassy spot where Mama kitty had been seen as she waited and watched throughout the day. Mama came over, picked up her baby, and carried it into the bushes where the other kittens from her litter were nestled. Christina has been keeping an eye on the little family and feeding Mama since she had her litter on the property near the end of June. Mama is thought to be feral. Christina and her coworkers plan to either adopt the little family themselves or turn them over to the Placer SPCA.

Mama comes to reclaim her baby


Video report made late Thursday afternoon, after the day’s efforts and before the nighttime rescue.


Photos, Christina Carson

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