11 thoughts on “Sunday Funny: Trip to the Vet”

  1. I have a foster who has been attending adoption events who now knows when it is Saturday … it is getting harder and harder for me to capture her.

  2. They must have a sixth sense (cats and dogs), I dont know, but somehow they know when is VET time.

  3. Perfect depiction of my cat..he becomes all teeth & claws to get him in the carrier..then totally impossible to get out of the carrier once we get too the V-E-T
    I had to re-post!!!

  4. My kitties hide under furniture when they “sense” is time for their check ups so i have to get the carriers ready in a bathroom and get them when they are asleep… and then they won’t stop screaming all the way forth and back… i feel like i’m tormenting them 🙁

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