Sunday Funnies: Happy Meowma’s Day

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Winnie Girl brings Momma Meow a heartfelt token of her love for Mothers Day.

Cat-Toonz drawing by Cat K. aka Momma Meow; Sunday Funnies edition exclusive to Life With Cats.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies: Happy Meowma’s Day”

  1. Is this what Monroe is trying to tell me when he brings me snakes, mice, rats, shrews and rats? LOL Nice drawing as usual. Happy Mother’s Day, Mamma Meow! 🙂

  2. He takes good care of you, Carole – providing you with food! He probably thinks you are unable to hunt for yourself 😉

  3. Great cartoon!! My first cat, Noel, would go out hunting in the cornfields surrounding our house and bring back dead mice and snakes and leave them on our back doorstep. Tokens of true cat love!!! <3

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