Students Use Ingenuity to Create 3D Wheelchair for Special Needs Kitty

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“You can’t help but fall in love with him once you spend some time with him,” said Carrie Barron, Ray’s owner told WGME. The Maine Coon was born with unusually small eyes that have left him blind and an odd kink in spine, that doesn’t completely paralyze him, but can make it tough for him to move around.


Enter a teacher friend of Barron’s who saw an opportunity to encourage her 8th grade students to think outside-the-box and come up with a way to help Ray. They came up with a design that was then created on a 3D printer. While Ray has outgrown of two chairs already, seems like everyone, owner, teacher, students, and kitten, are enjoying the challenge.

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  1. this story brought tears to my eyes. Thank the lord that there are kind people out there to help this physically challenged kitty.

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