Students Help Paralyzed Cat

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In the second story of its kind in recent days, high school students built a wheeled cart for a paralyzed cat. Doug and his friends at Cocalico High School made the news last week. Doug lives at the Cocalico Cat and the Gingham Dog Animal Hospital in Denver, PA.

Doug has been living at CCGD since last summer when tourists in the area found him near death on the railroad tracks in Denver during a heat wave. Doug appeared to be paralyzed when he arrived in the vet office and staff thought maybe he had been hit by a car. Upon examination and the viewing of his x-rays,  they found that Doug had actually been shot with a BB gun and the BB had lodged in his spine.

Being, as they hospital says, ” one of the sweetest cats EVER”, they decided to keep him as a permanent resident at the hospital. Doug drags himself around the hospital all day. Earlier this month, students in Greg Buck’s class at Cocalico High School began work on a cart for Doug so he doesn’t have to drag himself on the floor. WGAL ran the story on Doug and the hard work the students have done to make his life even better.

The Cocalico Cat & Gingham Dog Animal Hospital has a page at Facebook. They were excited to have Doug’s story make the news.

This is not the most sophisticated cart we’ve seen, but it works for Doug and has allowed the students to know the joy and satisfaction that comes from helping others.



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