Students Choose Kitten Rescue Over Pizza

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A rescued kitten named Snow will find a home with one the men who rescued her (Photo: CARMA, Cat rescue Maritimes Fredericton Chapter)

A good heart is never a bad thing, even when one has an empty stomach.

The three New Maryland students were on a pizza run when they came close to hitting a kitten on the highway.  Concerned, they put their munchies on hold and tracked the kitten to a pile of rocks in the woods. They were fairly convinced they had not hit it, but could tell, nonetheless, it was not in good shape.

They stayed there for several hours trying to get it to come out, but to no avail.  The following day they returned at 6:00am with some food but the kitten remained at bay.  Liam King, one of the students, decided to keep trying and continued for several days  knowing he had a broken tail, his ears appeared frostbitten, and very certainly he was both dehydrated and malnourished. He finally called Carma, Cat Rescue Maritimes branch in Fredericton, and cat rescue workers also spent the weekend trying to get him out.

Finally retrieved, the kitten, who had been named Snow, was taken to the vet, suffering with cuts and bruises on his forelegs that were infected and full of fleas, and with the bone of his tail completely exposed and needing to be amputated.  Carma President Sue Knight says Snow was near death, but will make a full recovery thanks to the efforts of the students, and, in particular, Liam.  She stated that abandoned animals are left at the side of the road and the people who have render this act and simply expect them to survive.

The three university students that rescued an abandoned kitten. From left, Ray Cronin, Matt Richard, and Liam King who will be adopting Snow. (Photo: Ray Cronin)

The good news for Snow is that Liam is looking forward to adopting him in the coming days, although he is considering changing his name to Rocky, a reference to where he was found.  Perhaps they will celebrate with a slice of well-earned pizza.

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