Stray Kitten Born With Broken Leg Gets Help

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Tiny Virginia kitten was born stray and with a broken leg. Though just days old she has already had a good Samaritan and a wonderful organization come to her aid.

The wonderful organization Austin Pets Alive! from the no-kill city of Austin TX will do their best to help a week-and-a-half old kitten born with a seriously broken leg.

The kitten now called Virginia was found with her littermate’s umbilical cord wrapped around her leg, causing the leg to amputate itself, with bone left sticking out. The good Samaritan who found her brought Virginia and her siblings  to the local animal control facility, Town Lake Animal Center, which has a relationship with APA! whereby unweaned, or bottle baby, kittens from Town Lake are transferred to APA! for care. The Bottle Baby program created to help these little kittens saves over 1000 lives every year. Formerly, in years past, those innocent orphans would have been killed. Additionally, APA! takes most ill or injured animals received at Town Lake.

APA! staff plan to provide Virginia with full-amputation surgery once she grows and gains some weight. Meanwhile, she is staying at their Bottle Baby Nursery where she is fed around the clock.

Through Virginia faces some challenges she will receive the care she needs, and  is lucky to have been found and helped through the efforts of one caring person and the parternership between Town Lake and APA!

Photos: Austin Pets Alive

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  1. What? You mean Virginia’s broken leg isn’t the fault of a nasty, terrible, evil, dare I say it *gasp* BREEDER? That can’t be right! Here’s to Virginia and to a wonderful future for her!

  2. Deb, I tried to PM you but your profile is locked up tight. I try not to engage in that battle much. BTW, the vehement commenter on the subject from yesterday unliked LWC and left.

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