Stray Cat Mom Makes Herself at Home Behind Family’s TV

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(Image: Ken Online)

It’s not breaking and entering if you bring kittens with you. A stray cat entered a home through a cat flap and brought her two babies along, then set up housekeeping behind the television set.

That was the discovery made by homeowner  Victoria Russell when she got up to look at her router and find out why her Internet wasn’t working, according to a report in Kent Online.  Her house has a cat flap in the kitchen for the family cat, who died one year ago.

“She must have brought them in through that into our kitchen and up the stairs to the living room,” she told Kent Online. “I have no idea how she got behind the TV, it’s not the easiest place to get to.”

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(Image: Kent Online)

Russell checked the router behind the TV and found the small tabby cat nursing two black kittens, according to the story in Kent Online. Russell,  her husband James and daughter, Lilia, 5, live in Gillingham in theUK.

The family took the cats to a vet to check whether the mother had been microchipped, but she wasn’t and they have been unable to trace her owner. James Russell said he plans to keep the kittens until they are old enough to be rehomed. We hope that means the clever momma cat is staying on.

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