Stowaway kittens Tom and Jerry hitch 87 mile ride in towed car

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Two kittens have been on quite an unusual adventure after they hitched a lift for 87 miles by mistake.

The two eight week old kittens were found in a car that had been towed from the Swindon area in Wiltshire, England to Bridgend, Wales.

All the windows had been broken in the car which had been towed back to a Bridgend garage.

RSPCA inspector Julie Fadden, who was called to the garage, said: “Somehow kittens got into the car and stayed in it when it came back to Wales.

“Both were terrified and I had to use a trap to catch them. But they are fine – they are well fed and are not feral, so they must be owned by someone.

“The garage has nick-named them Tom and Jerry – because they had such an adventure.

“They are not microchipped though so we can’t identify them so we are appealing for information to try and track down who they belong to.

“This is a reminder to owners about how important it is to get your pets microchipped as soon as possible. There could very well be an owner out there who is worried sick and desperately looking for these two little animals – but we have no way of knowing who they might be.”

Rob Robertson from Robertson Transport Services said they were quite surprised to find the kittens in the car.

“It was a bit of a shock,” he said. “We gave them some water and food and they were fine.”

The two kittens are now in RSPCA care, and will be made available for rehoming if an owner is not found.



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