Stolen Armstrong Hotel Cat Oreo is Found

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Hotel guests Jeanne Connelly and Lorna Plana pose with Oreo, who is now back home at the Armstrong Hotel after two days. Oreo was stolen by two apparently intoxicated young men who had been turned down for a room following Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.


Oreo, the beloved resident feline mascot at the historic Armstrong Hotel in Fort Collins, Colorado is back in place after a misadventure that left her scared but otherwise unharmed when she was found two days after being stolen by young men partying downtown during the city’s St. Patrick’s day weekend celebration.

Oreo was stolen from the hotel’s front desk early Saturday evening by two young men who had been in asking about a room several times during the day during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations centered around a parade. The revelers were told that there were no available rooms when they inquired.  They returned at 7:40pm, picked Oreo up from the desk and carried her out the door with them.

Hotel staff asked the public for help finding the cat, who has been in residence at the Armstrong hotel since 2004, and messages of concern and support came in from near and far.

Two guests heard a cat crying from behind the Museum of Contemporary Art, a block from the hotel,  at around 10 pm Monday night. The scared, crying cat was Oreo. She was quickly returned home and is said to be doing well.

It appears the young men took her away from the hotel and let her go. it is not known whether Oreo was let go a block from the hotel or if she had to make her way back home from further away.

Police are still investigating the case and are still interested in learning the identities of the thieves, who were seen taking the cat on CCTV.

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