Stitches the Cat Saves Her Boy

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Nine year old Kendran Hall says his kitten saved his life.

“The kitty woke me up and then I opened this door and this big ball of smoke just came right in. Then the smoke got into my eyes and my eyes were misty. And then I somehow got to the window and ripped off the plastic from it and then opened it” says young Kendran. He jumped into the arms of a firefighter and police officer from his second story window. Kendran was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation but is now with his family who is dealing with the emotional toll. Kendran shared the house with his mother and several family members. “Everyone’s just really lost. They want a home to go to” said Kendran’s grandmother, Linda Pearl. Sadly Stitches didn’t make it out of the home. “His cat Stitch died to save him, to wake him up”

The Brockport, New York community has helped Kendran’s family with donations of toiletries, clothing and kitchen ware. Said Linda Pearl of the donations, “I didn’t know anyone in Brockport other than family and these people don’t know me. But all of a sudden, they’re coming together and they’re bringing us clothes and sending us food. It’s like wow.”

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  1. @debbie…my thoughts exactly…i have loved animals all my life and always looked to their welfare and took there care seriously, even as a child…it was important to me. then and now, if that had been me whether i was 2 stories or 10, i would have grabbed the kitten that saved my life before i jumped, so i could save its life…not left it to be burned alive…i will only give him one excuse…he IS just a kid and very few kids would be able to think beyond themselves in such a situation…

  2. Jerk of a kid ran for his life and abandoned to death by fire the hero who saved him.
    He didn’t deserve to be saved by that poor cat, to betray him like that immediately afterward.

  3. The adults could have ran in to save the kitten. But of course humans have this ridiculous attitude of “it’s just a kitten”! They’re not freaking toys! They’re living, feeling, breathing beings just like humans, cows, chickens, and other animals.

    And Stiches didn’t die to save the kid. Stitches had no intention of dying. He wanted to live.

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