Stinky the Water Cat

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The very clean and handsome looking Stinky is a water cat by any measure. Give him the sink, a puddle, a stream, or the minnow bucket, and he’s a happy, busily engaged boy.

Stinky’s dad says “He drinks from the tap many times a day. He isn’t afraid of water. He plays in it, tries to catch minnows in the river and tries to get into the minnow bucket.”

9 thoughts on “Stinky the Water Cat”

  1. He is so cute. They need to make sure the lid on the washer is always down because he could get into the washer and have the lid fall down and trap him in there.

  2. my cat Lily would only drink out of the tap. had to leave a small stream running out in my laundry room sink. it was the only place she would drink from. finally had to buy her a fountain…

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