Static Cling

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Low humidity, a box of styrofoam peanuts and a cat.

0 thoughts on “Static Cling”

  1. Cute cat and video. However, the narration couldn’t have been more annoying, not possible. Do yourself a favor and use the mute button~!

  2. So funny, and since my kitties call dibs on all boxes that enter the house, I just made mental note to make sure I remove any “peanuts” before giving them possession!

  3. i Haven´t handled them that much really…but I know how hair can cause things to attach when rubbed ´cause of the sttatics.I just wouldn´t have guessed the result of this peculiar convination. It´s the ultimate science-made-fun trick!

  4. Leroy has the patience of a dog…and thats cute! My cats would have shredded the wallz & stuck to the top of the ceiling!! They don’t like NOTHING on their fur.

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