Stanley’s story

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A stray cat in chronic pain from an old injury and tired from living rough has gotten help, and is now pain-free and headed toward a new life in a good home.

Stanley’s fortunes began to change when he was helped by a good Samaritan whose cat he befriended. The woman fed him and offered him shelter, then turned him over to leading UK feline animal charity, Cats Protection. Cats Protection’s Gosport branch found a foster to re-socialize Stanley and provide him with one-on-one care, and they spared no expense to provide him with surgery to free him from the chronic pain that made his life unendingly miserable.

Cats Protection tells Stanley’s story:

Gosport Cats Protection became aware of Stanley through Pat, a very kind lady in Bridgemary who’d noticed a tatty and weary tabby cat hobbling beside her cat. The two cats seemed to like each other and Stanley seemed to have an ulterior motive in forming the attachment as this poor soul was hoping for some food. The tactic worked and Pat kept an eye on him ensuring he had plenty to eat.

Unfortunately Stanley was a very hissy cat and wouldn’t let Pat near enough to touch him. Pat was worried for his welfare as his spine seemed twisted, perhaps he’d been hit by a car. Concerned Pat prepared a bed for Stanley in her garage where he started to sleep at night and eat his much needed meals. This unneutered cat wandered off during the day but always returned at night. Becoming increasingly anxious about Stanley’s wellbeing, Pat contacted Gosport Cats Protection for him to be added to the waiting list of cats needing to come into care. When a foster space was available in May, CP volunteer Paula Hatton-Jones went along to pick him up. Paula said “he was hissing all the time, it was his only form of defence. Poor Stanley, I named him Stanley as he reminded me of my first childhood cat. As soon as he arrived in my rescue cat pen, he slept for days. This cat had been living on his wits for so long and he was beginning to give up.”

Paula gave Stanley time to settle and for a few days just went into the pen to feed him and clean the litter tray. She talked to Stanley but didn’t try to touch him and he gradually started to show an interest in his surroundings.

The vet thought Stanley was about 4 years old and x-rays of his back showed that this stray cat who hadn’t been neutered or microchipped had had an operation on his hip as it was wired but he’d been left with fractures. The constant pain must have been intense for Stanley.

Fabio Cabriolou, the orthopaedic specialist vet, at Alver Vets recommended surgery to remove the top of Stanley’s hip to make him pain free. This delicate and expensive operation, £1500, was not without risk and Stanley could lose a leg. Cats Protection doesn’t put any healthy cat to sleep, and as Stanley is a young cat the decision was taken to go ahead with the surgery. Fabio, assisted by fellow vet Talia Ciccognani, removed the top of Stanley’s hip and saved his leg.

Still hissing, Stanley’s recovery was slow but with the love and care of fosterer Paula he began to improve and allowed Paula to stroke him for the first time down his back and even happier that he purred contentedly.

As part of his recovery Stanley started hydrotherapy sessions at the end of June. Paula said “it was amazing, Stanley loved to do his therapy work with Becs the therapist walking on the treadmill, but he was not impressed when the water went in.”

The difference in Stanley is described as being nothing less than fantastic. He may have a bit of an odd gait but he is pain free at last.

After his successful surgery, CP made Stanley available for adoption, saying he is a purry, often chatty cat who likes to be brushed and enjoys fuss and attention all on his own terms. They note that after all he’s been through Stanley certainly deserves a loving and caring home.

CP are very happy to report that Stanley is now on reserve and is expected to go to his new home soon.







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