Stalking Cats are Good for Giggles

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Stalking cat videos are a sure way have a good laugh. Or two. Or three.  And maybe even a bit of a jump scare.

Going back to one of the original stalking cats, some 7 years ago, it is easy to see the appeal of watching this stealthy feline creep with ninja-esque precision toward the camera.  It also warrants consideration that cat was the inspiration for a USPS commercial that ran about a year later.

But, just in case you want more, and who wouldn’t, this compilation of stalking cats makes for a great breather during the day.  It is also interesting to note that while some of these cats have great finesse and style when it comes to their stalking, others have, shall we say, a less sophisticated manner of approach.  That’s okay.  We all know that practice makes perfect.

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