Splishy Splashy!

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Don’t worry,  he likes it.

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  1. Many years ago I had a very large female tabby named Orca who would quite literally fall asleep in a tub full of warm water..lol
    She would follow the kids into the bathroom and hop into the tub with them every time they took a bath.
    You had to be careful to hold her head up so she could breath and not drown !!!!
    We had her from a wee kitten so I have absolutely no idea where she acquired her love of water …*S*

  2. My oldest used to like to come and sit in the tub with me when I took a bath. I’d lay back in the water, and he’d come lay on my tummy, partially submerged and whip his tail back and forth in the water. My younger baby likes to come and sit in the shower with me, and bat at the drops, lick the water off the walls and watch the water go down the drain

  3. Our cats don’t like water, but our fat boy likes to drink it off of his paws instead of with his face. He dips his paws into the water bowl, then licks it off of his fur. And then tracks wet paw prints out of the kitchen for his people to slip on. >.<;

  4. My life is now oh so much more complete! I thought I had seen nearly everything, and … then … this! Love it!

  5. So cute! I heard that the Spinx cats need to have a warm bath about every week or so – as they get clogged pores/sores on their skin if they are not bathed often. At least this kitty seems to really enjoy his/her bath time!

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