Spirit the Intrepid Kitten on Last Night’s TV News

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Yesterday we ran a story on Spirit, the aptly named little kitten who survived an accidental house fire and is in the care of the Carson Tahoe SPCA while he recovers. KOLO TV news later included Spirit in a followup story on the fire.

This KOLO TV news feature includes footage with SPCA director, and Spirit’s foster caregiver, Susan Paul, along with  little Spirit himself. The story is also about the family who lost their home and the circumstances surrounding the blaze, and the sight of the burned out building really drives home the magnitude of the disaster on the scene.

Ms. Paul reiterates that Spirit was in danger of being euthanized  because his wounds were severe, but that he was given a chance to recover, in part because “We thought he had so much spirit and determination that we just couldn’t give up on him.” She again credits staff at  Lone Mountain Animal Hospital for helping Spirit with the best of care and for continuing to check up on the little kitten with the strong will to live.

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5 thoughts on “Spirit the Intrepid Kitten on Last Night’s TV News”

  1. The news story said the other kittens (5) died. I thought I had read where there were doing fine with a little smoke inhalation and eye irritation. Which report is correct?

  2. Both. From what we understand, some kittens did not make it, Spirit and the other four kittens all lived.
    We did not stress the point but it seems there were a lot of kittens on that property.

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