Spencer and Richie: The perfect pair

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Two stray cats with very different personalities came to the shelter separately but made the perfect pair. They got their happy ending when they were adopted together.

Spencer came into the care of Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter in Newlnd, just outside of  Malvern, UK when a member of the public brought him in. He was nervous, very shy and became highly distressed when people approached him, even panicking, climbing the sides of the pen and trying to escape.

Everything changed for Spencer, though, when he became neighbors with a younger cat.

Richie came to Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter after he was found in a warehouse. A confident, good-natured, playful and affectionate fellow, he could not have been more different to Spencer.

Richie was placed in a pen next to Spencer, who became interested in his new neighbor while watching him interact with staff and play in his pen.

After consulting with a vet, staff decided to put the two cats together. Before long, the formerly nervous and distressed Spencer bonded with is new friend and calmed down under Richie’s influence.

Richie, it turned out, had enough confidence for the two of them.

Adoption centre manager Claire Tregunna told the Malvern Gazette: “This is something WARS would not usually consider doing, but we eventually let Richie out into the aisle to meet Spencer through the pen.

“Richie had helped Spencer no end, and has really brought the best out of him yet. It’s a real miracle.

“All at WARS were concerned over what to do with Spencer and if a home could be found, but hard work and perseverance from the staff, the volunteers and from little Richie, really won the day.”

Spencer became transformed. According to the Malvern Gaette story, he allowed staff to approach him and he stopped hiding from visitors.

In the best of all possible happy endings, Spencer and Richie were adopted together.

The two cats were featured at the Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter’s Facebook page on September 20.

Spencer’s adoption photo at Facebook was captioned: Hello. I’m Spencer and I came into WARS as a stray. When I came in I was very scared and frightened but then Richie came into the pen next to me. The staff soon realised that he may help me gain confidence and once they got us in a pen together he has helped me see that I do not need to be as scared. For this reason I need to be rehomed with him.

Richie’s adoption photo was captioned: Hello. My name is Richie and I came into WARS as a stray. I am a confident young chap who loves to sit on a lap and get lots of fuss. I have to be rehomed with Spencer as I help him with his confidence.




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